FFM-Rumble Results & VODs & Gallery

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After an amazing Weekend we thank every one who made this unforgetable tournament possible. You can find the results and VODs on our Community page: Results&Vods A huge photo gallery by our...Read More

How to find the location

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Hello folks, here is a detailed location plan 😉 Frankfurt Main (location plan ) Nibelungenplatz 1 Building 9 60318 Frankfurt am...Read More

Bigger Location

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Hello folks, we have booked a bigger room to host you all and you are not in the waiting list any more! -location address is the same. -maximum number of confirmed attenders is increased to...Read More

numskull.co.uk is sponsoring ffm-rumble

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Thank you Numskull.co.uk for sponsoring ffm-rumble! Numskull has a great catalogue of 100% Official Capcom products. On http://www.numskull.co.uk/street-fighter/ you will find Street Fighter...Read More

Payment deadline and rules changed!

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Dear challenger, FFM-Rumble #9 is coming closer and we want to provide you with some important information about the event: – The payment deadline for unconfirmed registrations will be the...Read More

20% discount on MadCatz Sticks for FFM-Rumble Entrants only!

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Dear FFM-Rumble Attender, our partner MadCatz has a special offer for you all. You will get 20% discount for the following Arcade Sticks. SFV Fightstick ALPHA (ragular price 89,99 € – 20%) =...Read More

side events and news

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Hey folks, we hope you are in practice mode all day to get ready to rumble! We have some awsome news for you! You will be able to join two side events for free! First side event with Killer Instinct...Read More

FFM-Rumble #9 Schedule

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With less than two months left until FFM-Rumble #9, we present the schedule 😉 Lets get ready to rumble! This schedule is subject to...Read More

Lets get ready to FFM-Rumble #9

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LET’S GET READY TO FFM Rumble #9 Taking place in the time-tested FH in Frankfurt/Main from 27th to 29th of May 2016, it will come up again with big surprises 😀 Vanue-Fee: 20EUR until end of...Read More

Contact us

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  If you have any questions please contact us! E-Mail: rumble@hardedge.org Hardedge Forum: FFM-Rumble...Read More

Find a Hotel

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Here are few cheap hotels/hostels Frankfurt Hostel (we prefer this) 10 meters from Frankfurt central station and 20 minutes from the event...Read More